appreciating a good routine

November 22, 2009

I am trying to learn the right balance of routine. If I completely disregard any routine, then I find that my day lacks structure (no surprise there). However if I try to implement too much routine, then I find that I try to do too much and my day lacks any spontaneity or joy.

A few weeks ago I established some basic routine guidelines for myself, thanks to some help from the Passionate Homemaking blog. These little routines have been wildly successful for me. They’re pretty simple but they have really given me a much-needed structure to difficult times of the day.¬†For now these don’t really affect anyone else in the household – David has his own routine and I don’t bother it. Someday Calvin will become more involved, but for now he is an onlooker.

Morning routine:

  • The first thing I usually do is nurse Calvin
  • Then I get myself up and dressed, brush teeth, fix hair, etc. (when you stay at home all day it can be easy to not get dressed until noon – I try to avoid that)
  • Get Calvin dressed
  • Make the bed and pick up any clutter upstairs
  • We then eat breakfast and that concludes our morning routine

Nighttime routine:

  • Put Calvin to bed around 8
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Prepare coffee pot for the next morning

Now that I have a very basic routine established, I am working on a few more ways to expand it to include some other important aspects of my life.

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