November 25, 2009

Last night I attended a Holistic Moms Network meeting. The topic of the night had piqued my interest: Voluntary Simplicity and Anti-Consumerism. Lately I’ve experienced a [very] slow trend towards more simplicity and less consumerism. It started when I realized that having ‘things’ and having a perfect home were never going to give me happiness. I visualized what my life would look like if my house was perfect, if I had fun stuff, etc. and I realized that none of this would bring satisfaction. This sounds so obvious, doesn’t it? Often I find that intellectually we know this, but emotionally and practically we don’t live it. That’s what I have been [slowly] trying to change.

I think there were more questions than answers at last night’s meeting. We discussed licensed characters (it’s been easy for me to totally avoid these – so far), giving kids the latest toys, how many Christmas presents, how to handle birthday parties, types of toys (noisemakers vs. more traditional toys), how to avoid letting our kids become the weirdos of a consumerist culture. I shared how my mom had me brainwashed at a young age about certain things being bad (McDonald’s) and how I rarely had non-family birthday parties (she didn’t want people to feel obligated to buy gifts). As I shared some of these thoughts, I realized that I have already have the huge benefit of having experienced a lot of the elements of simplicity as a child.

Simple living is really the inspiration for this blog. I am NOT an expert at it, but I want to strive towards more simplicity in my life. I want to chronicle this journey and to share ideas with others.

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