Link Roundup

February 3, 2010

Some of my favorites from this past week:

In the Wee Small Hours – Moxie and her readers offer encouragement to those of us still waking up at night with our young children. I know that I sometimes feel that I am the only person in the world waking up to soothe a baby back to sleep. It is good to remember that I am not alone.

Amy @ New Nostalgia posted Tips for Grocery Shopping with Kids. Calvin is only 17 months old but I have already had a few trying grocery store experiences. So far we seem to get by with a combination of babywearing and Cheerios. I will definitely use some of Amy’s ideas as he gets older.

API posted an article about Modeling AP Values. This is a really neat story that speaks volumes about why and how AP works. I loved reading (and seeing!) how AP values are positively impacting this little boy. This was inspirational and I hope to share similar stories someday.

Christianity Today recently published a great article on The Myth of the Perfect Parent. One issue near and dear to my heart is how our religious beliefs affect the way we raise our children. Too often in Christian circles I see parents who are trying to beat the sin out of their children – both literally and figuratively. A lot of Christian parenting advice really bugs me as it presents itself as the gospel truth when actually it is often mired with personal biases as well as some of the ugly sides of our modern culture. Just because someone slaps the label “Christian” on it doesn’t mean that it is so.


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  1. Amy Says:

    Thank you so much for linking to my blog. It is always such a compliment when another blogger uses their space to talk about mine.

    I love the simplicity of your blog, and I am glad to meet you!

    Take care of yourself and that Calvin cutie of yours.

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