5 Reasons to Comfort Nurse

February 13, 2010

1. Nursing comforts a baby. Do we really need to say more?

Apparently we do…

2. Nursing shows the baby that he can turn to his mother for comfort. He can connect with her when he needs that.

Nursing does not teach the baby to turn to food for comfort. Try offering a nursling a snack when he is in need of serious comfort – my own nursling would certainly push any food away.

3. The breast is the ultimate pacifier.

Most people would not have any problem with giving a child a pacifier when they were upset. If he’s not sucking on the breast, he will find something else to meet the need. Instead of a plastic baby soothing device – why not use the part God gave you?

4. Nursing takes the baby’s mind off of pain.

A nursing baby is a relaxed baby.

5. Nursing fosters a sense of security.

When he is attached to his mother, he knows that no harm can come to him.

Nursing isn’t just about imparting nutrition to the nursling. Connection and comfort and closeness are also important parts of a nursing relationship.

My son is 17 months old and while we don’t comfort nurse nearly as often as we once did, it is still an important element of our nursing relationship. As a toddler he gets his fair share of bumps and bruises and I can quickly comfort him when it becomes clear that he needs something more than a hug. When he is tired or overstimulated I can rejuvenate him with a quick nursing session. When he is bored and I need him to sit quietly for awhile, nursing is the go-to solution.

Thank you God, for creating such a wonderful way for me to connect with my son. I really cannot imagine what I would do without this handy solution for most any problem.


2 Responses to “5 Reasons to Comfort Nurse”

  1. so right! My son and I don’t comfort nurse nearly as much as before, but my main reason to fear weaning is losing the ability to instantly soothe his bumps and bruises with a little bit of suckling.

    And SO correct to mention pacifiers…no one has a problem with giving baby a paci the minute he starts to fuss…UNLESS that paci happens to be his mother’s breast?!!!!

    • Liz Says:

      We aren’t comfort nursing much these days either (17 months old). It’s interesting how effective nursing still is. It also gives me clues into what is going on with him – the past week he was nursing a lot more than usual, and coupled with a few other clues I realized that he was either not feeling well or going through something developmentally…

      Thanks for visiting!

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