I am a wife, a mother, and a part-time mommy-tracked professional in the financial industry. I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my wonderful husband, our 21 month-old son and the world’s goofiest golden retriever.

I practice attachment parenting. I am trying to learn simplicity in all things. I am interested in photography (I shoot with a Canon Rebel) and the real food movement as well as veganism (though I’ve found that you often don’t see those two things in the same sentence). I am getting crunchier everyday, but I am definitely not crunchier-than-thou.

I am an INTJ.

I have felt a growing sense of unease the past few years as I survey some of the meaninglessness of my life. Physically I want for nothing, and yet emotionally and spiritually I have experienced emptiness. I desire to shift my focus on the unseen things that truly matter instead of the tangible, temporal trappings of this world. I write about some of this in my blog about becoming an Orthodox Christian.


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