Creating a life list

January 11, 2010

I recently began paying attention to the video blogs over at momversation. They are fun to watch when I need a three-minute break from entertaining Calvin. I admit that sometimes I watch just to see how made up the moms are and which set of big earrings they are wearing today. (Do they look like that all of the time??) I can’t help but wonder if the kids are screaming in the basement while mommy shoots her video. Probably not – at least a couple of these women have nannies. (See, that’s why I want to be a mommy blogger! So I can make enough money to hire a nanny and then while nanny is watching junior I will go blog about being a mom).

Anyway, it’s through these video blogs that I came across the Mighty Girl blog and the accompanying Mighty Life List. Mighty Girl herself seems like she is totally stylin’ all the time and I am sure I could learn a thing or two from her. I’d like to start by fashioning my own list of “Things To Do Before I Go.”   I like lists, I like big plans, and I need a little direction.

This is an interesting exercise as I find that the things that haunt me on a recurring basis (“ugh, the house is a mess” or other such stressors) don’t even factor into the thought process when making such a list. It’s sobering to realize that one could spend the rest of one’s life worrying about trivialities and not really living and growing and doing those things that you really want to do. I’m a believer that great things usually just don’t happen – they tend to only happen when we actively seek them out.

I’ll be back with my list before long.


New Year’s Resolutions

December 31, 2009

My thoughts on resolutions have flip flopped over the years. In the distant past I was a huge fan of resolutions to a fault. I would create 5 resolutions for 5 different areas of my life. It was resolution overload – a wish list for what my perfect life would look like. I’m not sure if I ever achieved a single resolution.

I abandoned resolutions after meeting my husband. He is such a laid-back kind of guy – the kind of person who would never even think of making a resolution. That rubbed off on me for awhile, too. If I did make any resolutions, they were extremely simple (one year I resolved to be more careful when parking the car – a resolution I’ve kept to this day).

In my heart of hearts I am still a resolution fan, though I admittedly have a hard time of distinguishing between “resolution” and “to do list” and “wish list.” This year I will keep it simple, though not as quite as simple as the year I became a better car-parker.

-learn how to menu plan. and do it.

-clean up my family’s diet. Less sugar, more fruits and vegetables.

-blog at least once a month.

-maintain my personal journal and baby’s journal once a month.

These are all things that have been on my mind for awhile. I am hoping that the New Year will help give me a jump start on these plans.